Profit Sharing Program

Living Space differs from many builders in that we are a cooperative building group.  Each person who works with us is considered an independent entity that is helping to serve our clients while being entitled to a portion of all profits. We do not have employees as such, but prefer to think of ourselves as a collection of builders and artisans. This program has proved to be highly successful, providing a high standard of living for sixteen families, creating an intense sense of loyalty within our team, and giving our clients an excellent product. 


One of the many benefits to our clients is that you are guaranteed a labor cost from the outset of the project. There are no hidden costs that will show up throughout the build.


Crew Boss/ Carpenter


Interior Selection/Design & Earth Art



Owner/Lead Design

Workers who have ownership in their company have a higher level of pride in their work resulting in better quality overall.


Crew Boss/Carpenter


Crew Boss/Carpenter