We have as our mission that we will reduce the environmental impact on every project that we work on. Construction can be a wasteful and destructive process. Using sustainable materials and methods we seek to build clean and environmentally friendly Living Spaces. 

Locally Farmed

Locally Farmed

Integrated systems are often the vehicle that can be used to seek answers to these important questions.  The basic concept is that in order to properly weigh impact, one has to look at the whole picture and make decisions based around this holistic view.  


None of these ideas stand alone, but rather are part of a more complete picture that should be considered at length.

We are very serious about our commitment to planet Earth, to Costa Rica, and to our children. We like to ask the question "How can we find balance in this project?" which leads to a delightful and interesting conversation in carbon signature, reduced impact, renewable material selection and sustainability.  Building a reduced impact home is not just a matter of a single event; it is a whole lifetime of choice.  

While building a home, this becomes real from the very beginning.  What are the functions of the home. Where will the home be situated?  How is it oriented? Who are the neighbors and how will they fit into the picture? Where does the water come from and where does the waste water go? What possible impacts can be anticipated from installing the infrastructure? What choices can be made that will reduce these impacts? 

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